UAV Aerial Mapping

We recommend the Trimble UX5 for all Precision Aerial Surveys and Airborne Photogrammetry mapping operations. The UX5 was designed to follow the latest developments in the ‘prosumer’ camera market, the Trimble UX5 ensures optimal image quality along with maximum photogrammetric accuracy. The interchangeable UX5 camera has a large imaging sensor that captures very sharp, color-rich images, even in dark or cloudy conditions. The 24 MP camera and its custom optics give the UX5 the ability to capture data down to 2.0 cm (0.79 in) resolution.

We also recommend the DJI S1000 for small 1km or less mapping projects, the S1000 is a vertical lifter which allows for take off and landing in very tight regions of the mapping project. We believe, the combination of a 3D mapping, combined with aerial cinematography is the future.

DJI S1000 – Multicopter UAV