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PGA Tour 2K21 – “Behind the Scenes Trailer”

PGA 2K21 – Launching Aug. 21st 2020

The Golf Game 2019

Microsoft Hololens Golf – Hololens Golfcourse Navigation and Visualization

Microsoft Hololens Golf – Hololens Golf Simulation and Hololens Sports Broadcast

Terra Imaging mapping data (airborne stereo photogrammetry) and our 3D Golf Course software running live in Microsoft Hololens.

US Open 2016 – Oakmont Country Club – USGA

FAA Approval: Commercial UAV Operations – UAV Aerial Mapping and UAV Aerial Cinematography


June 16th, 2015 – La Jolla, California and Telluride, Colorado – USA

Terra Imaging is pleased to announce their FAA approval for commercial UAS, UAV and Drone operations in the United States. Karl Engstrom, CEO of Terra Imaging explains, “This is a pretty big announcement for us, we are very pleased. We’ve been in the airborne mapping industry for several decades, now with the recent FAA legislation this year allowing for commercial UAV operations in the US, we couldn’t be more pleased with our approval for both categories of UAV operations: “Precision Aerial Surveys” and “Closed Set Cinematography”… it’s a first for us and the geospatial industry.”

Lawrence Lim, Director of Photography and Cinematographer for Terra Imaging states: “We are going to continue to work with our existing airborne mapping clients for golf course, real estate, civil engineering and agriculture mapping, however, we are going to continue to focus on UAV technology for the motion picture and commercial television industry as well. Focusing on the Motion Picture and Television industry is going to be an exciting next step in our evolution of airborne data collection, we are very excited about this emerging industry of high resolution, low altitude data collection.”

Engstrom summarizes, “We are just at the start, at the forefront of this new emerging technology sector, UAV operations will forever change the traditional industries of motion picture, sports broadcast, airborne photogrammetry, civil engineering and GIS… the list goes on, its just the beginning, we are very excited and optimistic about the future.”

Terra Imaging – FAA 333 – Approval Documents

The Geospatial Revolution Project

From our friends and alumni at Penn State, ESRI, GeoEye and ASPRS…